Interested in our surveillance service?

I.S.G.F. (International Security Group Four)

I.S.G.F. is among the first security companies in the Netherlands to enable direct communication between clients and mobile security personnel. We have developed a communication platform which allows our clients to submit a request for assistance by I.S.G.F. 24/7, simply on the smartphone and by using a selection menu. At registering personal data are stored pursuant to the guidelines of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Protection of Personal Data Act. The security patrollers can obtain these data on their smartphones from the data centre, process the request immediately and act upon it. Through a built-in GPS system users are able to pinpoint each other’s exact location.

ISGF Security focuses on collaboration with partners and authorities also dedicated to security

On application we will develop projects for companies facing a considerable risk of terrorist attacks.

This concerns mainly the safeguarding and transport of valuable information or persons in a tactically inconspicuous manner.