Aviation and Airport service


Yearly millions of passengers and tons of cargo are being transported across the world by airplanes. At airports, in order to facilitate a smooth completion of logistical processes during ground time, it is therefore of vital importance that ground personnel have the right technology at their disposal, specially adapted to their needs. During ground time flights are being prepared to make sure that airplanes can continue on their routes safely and on time.

I.S.G.F. has experience at aviation

The employees of International Security Group Four are experienced at aviation. On the airside and around Schiphol Airport they supervise for our clients the observance of safety regulations on site and submit their findings to our clients. Airplanes may then continue on their flight paths to their destinations safely and without costly delays.

Do you already have the App ?

With our professional staff and our application developed in-house as a value added it is possible to improve communication and security inside these complex working environments.

Before anything else, the main objective when developing our Registration App for businesses was that it should bring such communication to a higher level. The app works well and when using it causes no loss of valuable time. In aviation every hour of the day brings a challenge. The movements of flights are always unpredictable. Since logistical processes at airports are geared to these flights every change should be followed by an adequate response. The proper means of communication contribute to the saving of expenses and less environmental pollution.

Airport service

Clients that use the Registration App also qualify for our transport service at fixed fares and for all their travelling between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.