Mission, Vision & Strategy


International Security Group Four is a company with ambitions, focusing on security and its future. We are a company that never ceases to follow closely developments in the area of security and criminal behaviour


International Security Group Four wants to be a company that:

  • Assumes a leading position among its Dutch competitors and within five years has strengthened its position internationa.
  • Invests in professional skills of its staff, in knowledge and technology, and acts both pre-emptively and regressively.
  • Looks after the safety and security of both our clients and staff.
  • Has a professional working relationship with our clients and staff.



Our strategy has a number of core values:

Clients: To expand our clientele and to ensure the on-going quality of projects for existing clients.

Know-how: To invest in new expertise, the retraining of current staff in the area of technology and criminal behaviour.

Safety: To ensure a safe and secure working environment for our staff and our clients.

Social responsibility: To conduct business in a socially responsible way and to maintain the continuity of security in the Netherlands.