Personal Assistant Manager (PAM)

In the Netherlands it is not uncommon for citizens to feel unsafe. This applies even more so to victims of crimes. The last-mentioned, moreover, require follow-up care in order to be able to resume their lives in society. Our Registration App (Personal Assistant Manager) is an excellent tool for helping these citizens regain their trust in authorities and bring back a lost feeling of safety and security. With this project it is our aim to show citizens that visible patrolling 24/7 pays off. More security patrolling on the streets and a better collaboration between relevant agencies may put an end to this downward trend. By a constant policing of public spaces it is possible to come into action swiftly and on time. With our Personal Assistant Manager (PAM) information and assistance at calamities can be shared with and among our security patrollers in the blink of an eye. Other emergency services also benefit from this.


With these vulnerable groups in mind International Security Group Four has seen fit to set up a service of its own. In 2019 a pilot project will be started specifically aimed at these groups of citizens. In combination with the Registration App we are able to guarantee 24/7 vigilance. At any given moment a warning or request can be sent or forwarded immediately to a security patroller. The patroller operates in the area he has been assigned to, receives your message and is able to process your request without delay. With the Registration App that you have downloaded to your smartphone you are at all times connected to the patroller in your area.

How does the Personal Assistant Manager work?

After having registered at our website an e-mail is sent to you with a password that you can use for logging in to the Registration App. All your personal data are safely processed and stored in our database centre, protected 24/7 by our own security personnel. The data are stored pursuant to the guidelines of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) Dutch AVG, the Protection of Personal Data Act. The data will never be released to agencies or for other purposes without your permission. When registering online you can use the registration form to inform us of the location where you are usually experiencing a sense of unease or unsafety. These locations provided for by our customers are processed and included as unsafe in our route planning. Times and immediate causes are of importance to our security patrollers as well. The patrollers will then do their rounds and make sure that they remain visible. Should you feel the need for a personal escort to your destination and you do without your own transport, we may be able to supply you with that as well. One of our own cars will be made available for that purpose.

What target groups are we aiming at?

What we consider to be vulnerable groups in society are those citizens that are experiencing on a daily basis a sense of unsafety or insecurity. Women who work outside the home, for example, or people whose inclination could provoke violence directed at the person. Or those whose advanced age makes them very vulnerable and who can barely defend themselves, or children who still have to discover the world and are unaware of the dangers lying in wait.

Our aim with this project is to make sure that these groups, too, can again feel safe and participate in society. With the Registration App we will return a sense of safety at home or on the streets to the citizens.


In this project we work in collaboration with various services, agencies and organisations in order to widen the scope of the services we provide.

  • Aside from your registration address, you may indicate a location in your city that you consider to be unsafe. Patrollers will include such location in their rounds
  • Access to the GPS system to show you where exactly our security patroller is.
  • Access to our inexpensive services, such as the Airport Service. One way taxi fare of on average 45 euro starts with us from 00.00 euro!

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