Who are we

ISGF Beveiliging focuses on cooperation with partners and governments that are committed to safety.


International Security Group Four was established as a company in 2000 with the aim of improving security in the Netherlands. It was granted a licence by the Department of Justice with Cert. ND No. 1795. The founder and his team of ISGF Security have been fulfilling this objective in Dutch society ever since.


To ISGF Security collaboration with security partners and authorities is essential and of the utmost importance. Together we will dedicate ourselves to seeking solutions for a safe and secure country, by taking both repressive and pre-emptive measures.

Quality and service

Quality and good results are what matters first of all, to the clients, but equally to us as a company. To achieve this all our staff has already had the training and experience necessary for professionals working in the security industry.

Special unit

What makes International Security Group Four stand out among its competitors is a standby special unit. This special tactical unit can be mobilised and put into action at short, if not very short notice. This may happen at the request of ISGF itself, or for the benefit of our partners.In very serious situations of high priority (Code RED), the so-called zero tolerance procedure becomes effective, in order to be able to respond decisively, quickly, and adequately. Major projects involving risks constitute a challenge and provide an excellent opportunity for this unit to prove its worth.


On application we will develop projects for companies facing a considerable risk of terrorist attacks. A large-scale operation will then be initiated by ISGF. Specialists (scouts) of ISGF will first of all draw up a full report on the status of the premises and site. 

On site, for a few days they will work with the client for the purpose of forming a clear and precise idea of the risks involved and how we may be able to reduce these together. Their report will then be documented and subsequently presented to the client and the project manager of ISGF in charge.

It is only after parties have both found the report to be in order, that further steps will be taken. Options will be considered with respect to the right persons for the job, the extra resources to be used, and which safety instructions will be applicable.

After a successful completion of the project there follows a service period of three months, which is included in the contract and is being offered as an extra service to our clients. This follow-up is meant to ensure the on-going quality of the project.


Transport services typically involve a fast and secure transport of goods and persons. The key words are here tactics and inconspicuousness.  More specifically, this means business people or private individuals, or very sensitive information in the form of documents or packages, that require fast transport from A to B. We are also capable of supplying an escort for one or more VIP cars en route with high priority. Our drivers here are without exception well-trained and experienced.

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